Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living in peace together means everything to me. Once we have peace, there will be a space for joy....and that is when the fun starts!
Our angel selves are patiently waiting for us to catch up. They not only stand beside us, they are a part of us. "There is no separation from love". They have repeated that to me over the years.
People sometimes think that the angels can be sad or disappointed, but they are way above that. They see how we are connected, and they see the perfection of God's plan. Their eyes are lighted, and so they see everything bathed in love. It makes them very happy. Angels are pure joy without a shadow. Messengers of the Light of God, his angels are all light. In our efforts to see our angels, we sometimes project our human experience on them. We see them through our eyes...but try, for a few moments, to let the golden light bathe your eyes. Pretend that you are your angelself....with only love and joy in your heart. Look into the angel realm then and see them as they truly are.... they are loving you, and there is nothing else =)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Angels are able to shine a light on darkness and transform it. In our hearts, you and I are pure light. And, in that place, we are one. Amazingly, this applies to all beings. One wonders, how can this be? There are greater things in God's kingdom than any human can imagine. The angels are examples and teachers of this wisdom. Whenever you percieve darkness, ask the angels to help light your way.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am a great fan of imagination because it is the key to everything. We may choose to believe in limited aspects of reality, and that has its own purpose. How blessed, though, are we to have that choice to use our ability of imagination....which opens our mind to the whole reality.
We are more than we think. We are an ever-expanding spiral of pure love. Imagine that. =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My fondest guardian and teacher is an angel of the golden light.

He comforts me and reminds me that the heavenly realms are entwined with this world.
He tells me that, although it is hard to see from where we sit, Heaven is our home.
He gives me glimpses of peace in my heart, a knowing that everything is always okay. He helps me to understand a realm where we know that we are loved completely...a golden realm where there is no worry.
He has shown me that there are open doorways from here to there, and that they are accessed through love.
He assures me that We are One. We have been together forever. This is constant and true through all realities.